One Day Workshops

At our home, VillaRoquette , in the South of France, I offer a series of one day workshops where I share my experience and love of traditional photography.

Calotype of Villa Roquette

The cost of each one day workshop is 60 euro for the day, usually from 09:00 until 17:00 or 40 euro for a half day workshop, from 09:00 until 12;00.

Workshops are arranged around my own working schedules and I can work with up to six people in my darkrooms, studio and photo labs in VillaRoquette

We offer accommodation in our own apartments and chambre d’hotes from only 60 euro per night. Our rates are for two people so you can bring your partner or a friend, The workshop is an additional charge per day per person.

In the one day workshop you will work hands-on and learn the structure of the technique. To save you time I will usually prepare chemistry and materials in advance, but worksheets for each stage of a process will be given.

Workshops planned include :-

  • Carbon Transfer printing on glass
  • Carbro
  • Orotone
  • Calotype
  • Wet Plate Collodion Negative
  • Dry Plate Negatives
  • Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype and “Tintype”
  • Sabattier printing
  • Lithophane
  • Lith Printing
  • Make 510 Pyro developer – half day (you take some home)
  • Make Rodinal (type) developer – half day (you take some home)
  • Wet Plate collodion studio portraiture with strobe lighting
  • Anamorphic techniques
  • Developing film (black and white)
  • Developing film (colour)
  • Making orthographic photo emulsions
  • Darkroom printing (black and white), silver gelatin
  • Large format camera movements (with a Sinar P)
  • Cyanotype
  • Collodio-chloride printing
  • Salt printing

I will keep adding to the list of photo workshops, these are all traditional processes and techniques I use in my  work which have their origins in many 19th century photographic disciplines.

Some processes are impractical for me to do, but if you happen to have a 1,200 tonne hydraulic press you can bring by Ryanair then I will add Woodburytypes – others I am not  inspired to do, such as Daguerreotype and Lippmann  – but if you are interested in other things not yet on my list, contact me.

You are welcome to bring your own digital negatives to print, but I do not have scanners or printers or any software to work with digital images

We are easy to find – there are several airports near us with low cost flights most days  – we can meet you at local airports and stations as part of our service.

The workshops are open to anyone interested in traditional photography, you do not have to book accommodation with us.

If you stay with us in VillaRoquette the apartments and the B&B accommodation are for two or more people, so you can bring your partner or a friend at no extra cost. You will also have the advantage of using all the photo facilities at no extra charge